On The Q

Preparing your food storage, whether for a month or a year, can be a daunting task. It is hard to know where to start! How many pounds of flour do you need? How much corn or beans will your family eat each week?  How will you be sure to balance nutrition with the foods your family enjoys?

Enter the Q! Shelf Reliance has taken the stress and guess-work out of food storage. Simply enter your family information into the Thrive Planner, our food storage calculator, then select the amount of food you want to store (anywhere from 3 months to 2 years) and the program will select a variety of nutritious foods and meals. Don't like cauliflower? Don't worry - everything is fully customizable.

Once you have completed this easy process, you can add all of your selections to The Q. Next the program will ask you to select a budget amount and your desired shipping date. For example, you may decide that you would like to allocate $125 of your monthly food budget toward Thrive foods, and you would like to spend that amount of money on the 15th of each month. To finalize the process, you will be prompted to enter your payment information and confirm your selections for your first shipment.

Each month you will receive a reminder that your next Q shipment will soon be on it's way. This is your opportunity to make any changes to the upcomming shipment if you would like to. If you do nothing at all, you'll get the items that the automated system has chosen for you.

A few important things to remember: first, you will always get the best pricing when you are on the Q; second, you will not be able to change your Q budget for the first three shipments; finally, you can pause your Q shipments at any time by simply clicking the "Pause" button on the Q homepage.

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