Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What Do You Do With Whole Egg Powder?

We're going to call today "What the Heck Wednesday".

When you start cooking with food storage products, inevitably some items will make you say "what the heck do I do with that?" Thrive Whole Egg Powder was a head scratcher for me when it first showed up in my Q shipment. I know it is a crucial part of my well stocked food storage pantry, but it looks kind of funny and I found it intimidating. Surprisingly enough, it is actually very easy to use and is far more convenient than using traditional eggs in a lot of recipes.

I am notorious for spending a good four or five minutes fishing egg shell pieces out of whatever it is I'm trying to cook. I don't know what my problem is, I guess I just missed the how-to-crack-an-egg lesson, but you can imagine how happy I am to avoid that lovely exercise in patience now! No cracking, no fishing, no slimy counter top (I always manage to drip some egg white somewhere). All I have to do is open the container, measure out one tablespoon of Whole Egg Powder and two tablespoons of water for each egg my recipe requires, and stir. That's it. Genius!

Thrive Whole Egg Powder brings some excellent attributes to baking: it is always consistent in volume, it rises beautifully and evenly, and it is lower in fat and cholesterol than traditional eggs. Using egg powder allows me to fit normally high calorie desserts into my diet more often, and I feel better serving these desserts to my friends and family. Baked goods still taste rich and delicious, they just come with a little less guilt.

A few other ideas for incorporating Thrive Whole Egg Powder into your daily meals:
  • Blend with milk and cinnamon to make a delicious dip for your french toast.
  • Replace half of the eggs in your favorite quiche recipe with egg powder to reduce the calories, fat and cholesterol.
  • Make your favorite cookie dough using whole egg powder, and eat the dough raw without worrying about salmonela.
  • Make home made mayonnaise that travels - it won't spoil nearly as fast.
  • Add a tablespoon or two of egg powder to your Thrive 6 Grain Pancake Mix for fluffier pancakes.
  • Scramble up a quick omelet using egg powder and your favorite Thrive veggies.
 Question of the Day: What is your favorite egg dish?
I love bacon, spinach and swiss quiche. I usually have the necessary ingredients on hand, and it bakes up pretty enough to serve guests at a nice brunch. It can also be made into mini quiches if you bake it in a mini muffin tin. I'll share a recipe soon!

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    1. One more thing on my list I have to add, since I really dont trust the eggs you buy in the store. They might be older than they actually are (I just learned recently, that really fresh eggs, hardboiled, are very hard to peel - try that with the "fresh" eggs from the store). And sometimes I just dont use a lot of eggs, the thrive solution seems perfect.
      My favourite egg dish is egg salad with mushrooms - of course like mama does it - with my moms recipe :)


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