Monday, July 18, 2011

Peanut Butter Cake for One!

1T Thrive Flour (heaping)
1T Thrive Brown Sugar
1T Thrive Whole Egg Powder
1/2t Thrive Baking Powder
2T Peanut Butter (other nut butters work just as well)
Up to 1/3c Water
1T Chocolate Chips (optional)
1T Chopped Nuts (optional)

Combine flour, brown sugar, egg powder and baking powder. Mix in peanut butter, any optional ingredients and enough water to bring batter together. Pour into a greased ramekin (coffee mug works too) and microwave for 90 seconds or until the top of the cake looks dry.

Wish you had frosting for your cake? Combine 2T Thrive Powdered Sugar, 1t Thrive Instant Milk and 1t water. Mix until a thick frosting forms and drizzle it over the top of your cake!

I have to tell you all about one of my all time favorite (non Thrive) food items. It is called PB2. Some genius figured out how to press all of the oil out of peanuts, leaving only peanut powder. This peanut powder is then packaged in pretty little jars and sent directly to your house. Once mixed with water (or jelly or honey or olive oil), it tastes like gourmet peanut butter! The best part - 2 tablespoons of the stuff has only 52 calories and less than a gram of fat!! PB2 can be used in place of regular peanut butter in all of your recipes, including this cake. Try it in cookies, shakes, sandwiches, even sprinkled on popcorn. I order mine online directly from Bell Plantation, but I have also heard that it is available at Air Force commissaries. Cost, about $5 a jar and worth every single penny.


  1. So FUN! How clever and creative. You are so talented!

  2. Can't believe I missed this when you posted it. Another new 'fav' for my recipe collection using my THRIVE products!


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