Thursday, September 29, 2011

Add A Hanful

Here are a few quick ways to incorporate more vegetables into your family meals. We've already done the hard work for you - Thrive vegetables are washed/chopped/peeled/diced and, because of the dehydration or freeze drying process, they will cook much faster than traditional ingredients. So, add a handful of...

~ Thrive FD Corn to your cornbread
~ Thrive Red and Green Bell Peppers to your mashed potatoes
~ Thrive FD Mushroom Pieces to your pizza
~ Thrive FD Peas to your scalloped potatoes
~ Thrive FD Green Beans to your casserole
~ Thrive FD Broccoli to your brown rice
~ Thrive FD Cauliflower to your soup
~ Thrive Sweet Potatoes to your chili
~ Thrive Tomato Powder to your taco meat
~ Thrive FD Chopped Spinach to your omelets
~ Thrive FD Carrot Dices to your spaghetti sauce

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